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BeatrixColor Jewelry Review & Giveaway [CLOSED]

by Maria
BeatrixColor Jewelry

I want to introduce you to a new shop I discovered at random during an Instagram browsing session: BeatrixColor. I was attracted by the minimalist jewels with unconventional shapes but also the colorful, classic ones.

They sent me a few of their BeatrixColor jewels, hand-crafted with care, to see about their quality, and they also wanted to organize a giveaway. The giveaway runs on Instagram and you can find more information about the rules and prize at the end of this article.


The BeatrixColor jewelry is handmade from resins, precious and semiprecious stones, and mounted in silver, copper or stainless steel. At BeatrixColor you can find bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, as well as clothes and decorations or whole jewelry collections.

I really like the jewelry they sent me. I love the delicate minimalist style of the pendants, as well as the color, shininess, and the elegance of the raisins crafted pieces.

Bijuteriile BeatrixColor

Amazonit fațetat cu lanț din argint | Faceted amazonite with silver chain

BeatrixColor Jewelry

Pandant serotonină (formula fericirii) din argint & cercei alabas din rășină | Silver serotonine pendant (happiness formula) & alabas earrings from resin

BeatrixColor Jewelry

Pandant serotonină (formula fericirii) din argint | Silver serotonine pendant (happiness formula)

Bijuteriile BeatrixColor

Cercei alabas din rășină | Alabas earrings from resin

BeatrixColor Jewelry

Brățară din argint cu rășină azur & cercei azur din rășină | Silver bracelet with azure resin & resin azure earrings


To participate in the giveaway, head over to my Instagram account:

The giveaway will run until Thursday, 29 March 2018 at midnight. The winner will be chosen the next day Friday and will choose their favorite jewelry from the BeatrixColor.ro website. Delivery only to Romania.
Bijuteriile BeatrixColor

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