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by Bianca
Epilare Definitiva cu IPL | Nomasvello

You know that moment when you’re asked if you want to go to the beach in an hour and you say “Yesss, let’s go!”? I don’t. Anyone who knows me knows that excess hair is one of the problems I have been experiencing since adolescence. A problem that has only gotten worse with the passage of time. For this reason, I decided to write this article about IPL permanent hair removal: to get to know each other better and to share an honest experience of using this treatment that may help you too. I am aware that I’m not the only one with this issue.


Let’s start with a short history. From the age of 12-13, I started having problems with my pilosity. I started using a depilatory cream on the axilla and slowly on other parts of the body (legs, inguinal). The problem was not that I had hair because at that age almost all girls start growing hair. But my hair was so black and thick that it was embarrassing even a few days after the depilation. It grew very quickly and, slowly, my skin became irritated.

Over time I turned to the razor blade, which did nothing but amplify the situation. Though many do not think that using a razor blade makes hair worse, my experience said it does. In what way: having very thick and black hair, it grows much faster than brown/blonde and thin/fine hair. Growing faster and turning into a spiky hedgehog (pleonasm, yep) in just 3 days after shaving, obviously, one needed to shave again.

That’s how you end up abusing the skin. Ultimately you get much more irritated, folliculitis, and hairs grown under the skin. In this way, the razor makes everything worse. Being unable to stay spiky, I wound up shaving every  3-4 days, when the irritation from the previous shaving had not yet passed. The only thing I was doing was stressing my skin out.

This perfectly summarizes my hair removal “cycle”. Or any of my summer months: hair grows – I can’t wear shorts, I shave – so I can wear shorts, but I get irritated – I can’t wear shorts again, irritation goes away but the hair grows – so… either way, can’t wear shorts… Maybe it seems exaggerated for someone who has never been in this situation but I know there are many girls out there that have been or are having the same issue.

Returning to the short history. After trying shaving, I tried waxing. I was already a young lady now, so I could not allow for any unwanted hair. Waxing was good for a while, it helped me increase the length between depilation sessions and reduce the skin abuse. But the pain was horrible. I had some good times where the pain was tolerable, but ultimately it had become really scary for me. I was shaking merely at the thought of going to the appointment.

Epilare Definitiva cu IPL | Nomasvello

Photo: ghidestetica.ro


Now that you understand where I am on the pilosity scale – from Sphinx to Bombay, let me tell you how I gathered the courage to go to IPL permanent hair removal treatments.

I started to gather info and meet people who have had IPL. That was 2-3 years ago. That’s how long it took me to summon up the courage and to get rid of biases, because yes, I had some. I wasn’t necessarily thinking that IPL was bad, but it just did not seem normal/healthy to not have hair anymore, thinking that all that hair had to serve some purpose.

However, everything changed this summer. Almost 70% of the summertime I wore long, light, summer but long, pants. I gave up waxing due to the unbearable pain. I faced shaving, and the rapidly growing hair and irritation that go with it, around the clock. Because it had become an obsession for me, the whole thing was worse in my mind than it actually was in reality, and I simply did not feel comfortable wearing anything short, showing legs, not even the first day.

So, this summer I went to Nomasvello in Pitești (my city) and asked for information. I got pretty much all the information I needed, and I was left to decide what to do. I hesitated and let the idea go for the summer. For various reasons, such as the fact that I was not supposed to be exposed to the sun on certain days, or that I had to stick with the treatment/appointments once I start… And my schedule was so bad that I, myself, wasn’t even sure I would go every month at the established time and so on.

A week ago, however, I faced all my fears. I figured out how many sessions I will need and realized that it was the perfect time to start: no more beach weather (it’s November), I can resist not shaving 10-12 days after the treatment since it’s cold, and it’s a bit more hygienic than it is in the summer. And what motivated me most was the fact that, by my own calculations, I will finally get rid of hair and, implicitly, of folliculitis, by the time summer comes along.

And so I scheduled my first appointment on November 8 and I started the first session of IPL permanent hair removal.


I chose the Permanent Hair Removal Center Nomasvello because it is known for this type of treatment, it has professional equipment and, most importantly, the people there are well trained at what they do. I would not recommend IPL permanent hair removal at the beauty salon, where an unspecialized cosmetician will treat you.

The person that will “take care of me” for the duration of the treatment is Diana Trandafir and I recommend her well, if you are from Pitești, because she will make your experience easier and enjoyable. And in general, I recommend the Nomasvello centers in the country and throughout Europe.

Epilare Definitiva cu IPL | Nomasvello

Photo: nomasvello.ro


A very important factor in this type of decision is the price. Before starting the treatment, you need to know how much it will cost so you can be financially prepared and not give up along the way. People who do not see results do not see them because they do not attend all the sessions, thinking that if they no longer have any hair, they do not need any more sessions and so they give up going. Wrong. Even though after a few sessions you get rid of the hair (it can happen), you still have to follow the treatment so that the end result is the one you want and that it lasts.

Thus, you have to know whether you can afford to go to all the sessions or not, in order to enjoy the results for as long as you can. Otherwise, you end up throwing away all the money and returning to the starting point.

At Nomasvello the price for one area is 135 lei/$35/€30. I will leave their menu and prices as well, here. The prices differ based on country and location.


Depending on the color of the skin and the hair, you will need a certain number of sessions. In my case, an ideal customer – black and thick hair and white skin – I need 4 sessions from month to month and then other 3-5 sessions at 3-4 months.

It is important to attend all the sessions as I said before and to go regularly when you have the appointment because the procedure is done at a certain stage of hair growth.


Before the first session, you need to keep a few steps in mind:

  • No hair plucking at least for a full month before treatment. Meaning no waxing or other epilator methods that pull hair out, just use the razor.
  • A few days before the first session (you will be advised depending on how quickly your hair grows) you have to shave so that on the day of the treatment, the hair is 2-3 mm long. In my case, I shaved 3 days before, and my hair did not grow enough on the leg area, so she had to use the gel. For all other areas, it had the sufficient length and so she used ice.
  • You cannot take any medication and if you do, you have to let the staff know.
  • You cannot use body oils. They moisturize and soften the hair.
  • This is kind of what you need to know, but they will tell you what you need to know anyway before you schedule your first session.


  • The day after the first session, it’s a good idea to wear a pair of lighter pants (not tight jeans) so that your skin doesn’t get irritated.
  • No hot showers. Obviously, you can shower, but with lukewarm water.
  • In the first 12 days after the session, you are not allowed to remove hair in any way, as your hair will start falling out on the 12th day. Until then you just have to be patient.


I was nervous before the first session, but I wanted it so much and I was so proud of myself that I took the step that I bypassed the nervous feeling entirely.

It started with a conversation. You’re once more informed about how the process works, what will be done to you and what you have to do. You will also fill out a form in which you are asked about yourself and your health history.

You have to be honest with the person that will do the treatment and give honest answers to her questions. Also, tell her whatever you think would be important in the process. This will help you receive the right treatment, appropriate to your needs. It will also help the person who is treating you to get the best results for you.

I chose the areas I wanted to be done: legs, inguinal, perineum, and axilla. Originally, I wanted to do only legs and inguinal to start, but I got a nice offer that allowed me to do it all for almost the same amount of money.

IPL Permanent Hair Removal | Nomasvello

Photo: nomasvello.ro

She started with the legs. She applied an incredibly cold gel and made some tests to set up the device, depending on how much intensity I can take from the device. Thus, on a scale of 1 to 5, the pinch you feel should be about 3, that is – feel something, but not “jump from the chair” type of something. After this step, she starts the procedure. It’s nowhere near the pain you get when waxing. Just a small sting that by the end, becomes unnoticeable.

Axilla followed. For both the axilla and the remaining areas, she used ice. It’s not actually ice, it’s a more of a frozen gel bag, which she presses on the area. Then she pulses with the IPL device. Same in inguinal and perineum.

After finishing each area, she applies a special cream which helps with skin regeneration so that the skin doesn’t get irritated.

I’m only a week after the first session, so my hair has not fallen out yet. This will happen after 12-14 days. I’ll come back with updates on every session/outcome.

This was my first experience of IPL permanent hair removal. The next session will be on December 9 and I will keep you up to speed after each one. I will also come back with pictures of the result.

Hope it helps you!

Did you enjoy our IPL Permanent Hair Removal | Nomasvello article? Questions, comments or concerns? Leave us a note below or contact us, we’d love to hear from you!


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