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We Became DIFF Eyewear Ambassadors

by Bianca and Maria
Ambasadori DIFF Eyewear

We have become DIFF Eyewear ambassadors of the brand not only because of their cool products but because they are a socially conscious brand. Their mission is clear: For every pair of sunglasses purchased, DIFF will donate a pair of eyeglasses or fund an eye exam for someone in need.

You may have heard of DIFF Eyewear through Instagram or other social media platforms. Social media is full of stars and influencers donning their beautiful shades. DIFF Eyewear is a US company that produces “handcrafted, designer-quality shades at a fair price.”

To date, DIFF has donated more than 200,000 pairs of reading glasses or eye exams and is expecting this figure to exceed 300,000 or more by the end of 2017.

Now you can be cool AND proud for doing something good for someone else, all at the same time.

As brand ambassadors, we have a $10 discount code for you to use for any order. You can receive the discount code by clicking on the GET $10 COUPON button on this page.


We wanted to write this article not only to let you know that we became DIFF Eyewear Ambassadors. But also to let you know, in detail, about how the shipping & delivery work from the United States, where the company is located. This part of the article is for people located mainly in Europe and maybe other parts of the world. If you’re from the US, then move on to the conclusion part as you will not have any of these issues. 🙂

To be absolutely clear, this is based on my experience in ordering products from abroad, especially from the US. Things are probably different in every country, but in my experience from the other side of the fence (I work for a company and part of that job is sending products for promotion), they are not that different. So even if you are not from Romania, this might still   be useful advice.

If you’ve ordered products from outside your country before you are probably aware of the problems you can face in terms of delivery. Especially if you have the misfortune of your package ending up in the hands of your national postal service.

DIFF Eyewear says this on their site about international deliveries:

International Orders ship from DIFF Eyewear’s Los Angeles headquarters. Unless otherwise specified or chosen your order will ship via DHL Global Mail with tracking included. Your order will be processed within 24-48 hours depending on the time it is placed. They will email you tracking once it has been shipped, but please be aware that tracking will only be updated until your order leaves the United States. DIFF is only liable for orders until they leave the United States.


Estimated Shipping Times:

DHL Global Mail = 2-3 Weeks Average (frequently faster)

DHL Express Canada = 2-5 Days Signature Required

DHL Express Global = 3-5 Days Signature Required


All shipments include tracking, they will send this to you via email automatically but you can also request it anytime via email or phone. They are not liable for packages that show that they have been delivered but have not been received.


So, your order will be sent through DHL Global Mail. The thing with DHL Global Mail (which is a… cheaper, to put it this way, version of the DHL you are probably used to) is this: from the States until customs in your country, your package will be in the hands of DHL Global Mail. From there though, the package will be handed over either to the national postal service or to another courier.

  • If you are unlucky and it gets into the hands of the national postal service, apart from the fact that a few extra days will be added to your wait time, you also have to pick it up from the national postal service customs office and pay customs and VAT on the value of the package. If the value of the package is less than €150, in Romania at least, you will only need to pay VAT on the total declared on the package (transport included). If it’s over €150, you will also need to pay customs fees.
  • If your package gets to another courier, they will most likely bring it nicely to your door and you won’t have to pay a thing (this is what happened to our order from Nike, the order from DIFF was intercepted by the Romanian Post Office).

Now the question is how to make sure your package ends up not with the national postal service. The best option is to call DHL Global Mail once you have the tracking code (obviously after the order is shipped because that’s when you receive a tracking code), and to tell them that you really, really want your package to be shipped by any other courier except the national postal service. This works with Amazon also, if you didn’t know, but you have to speak with Amazon directly and immediately after you placed your order.

DIFF Eyewear Ambassadors


We placed the order with DIFF on August 24th for the Astro – Matte Black Frame & Grey Mirror Polarized Lens (Bianca) și ZOEY – Black Frame & Pink Mirror Lens (Maria). The order was shipped the next day and on August 31st it arrived in Bucharest. From there, it was “in processing” until September 7th, and the next day I received the notice to pick it up in the mail (Friday). I went to pick it up on Monday (because you can’t go any day of the week when you feel like it, post office customs in my city have a limited scheduled until 1 pm, 4 days a week), and as expected, I had to pay 19% VAT on the package value, including transport. It didn’t matter that I had a discount or that I did not actually pay for the transport (DIFF had a deal at the time) and that I didn’t actually pay the whole amount. I was just lucky that it all ended up being under €150, otherwise, I would have had to pay customs fees as well.

This time we neglected to call DHL Global Mail because we forgot and ended up betting on our luck. And as it usually happens, negligence is costly.

The sunglasses are gorgeous. They were packed carefully in a small box, each within another small box of their own. They come equipped with a pouch and plastic foil, but if you want a case, you need to order it with the sunglasses on DIFF.


In conclusion, DIFF Eyewear is a partially charitable company with cool, quality products and a prompt and helpful customer service. Just be aware of the possible delivery issues.

Once again, if you want to order your own pair of sunglasses and help someone in need at the same time, we have a $10 discount code that you can use for any order. You can receive the discount code by clicking on the GET $10 COUPON button on this page.

Did you enjoy our DIFF Eyewear Ambassadors article? Questions, comments or concerns?

Leave us a note below or contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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